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Concept Factory Inc.
Description of
Brand Concept Making, Brand Concept Polishing, Marketing Consulting,
Consumer Survey, Desk Research (including case studies), Seminar, Workshop
Start-up December 10, 2003
CEO Noriko Miyajima
Capital 3 million yen
Address Felice Sakurashinmachi 201, 2-38-25 Shinmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0014,
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Telephone 03-6413-7731
Fax 03-6413-7741

Noriko Miyajima's Resume Profile

Graduate of Keio University, Faculty of Law, Department of Politics.
MBA graduate of IUJ (International University of Japan)

Work experience

Sales and sale promotion planning at sales department of a newspaper company
Assistant account executive at a foreign affiliated advertising company
Brand manager at a foreign affiliated toiletry company
Brand and Marketing Manager at a foreign affiliated foodstuff manufacturer
Marketing consultant at a core Japanese consultant company

Past Achievements

Concept Factory has provided marketing consultation to a wide range of TSE listed and global corporations.

Foodstuff and beverages
Developed new product concept of functional foods
Surveyed brand image of specialized health foods and that of the competition
Surveyed brand extension viability of specialized health foods
Surveyed receptiveness of package innovation for food materials
Surveyed hidden usage problems of seasoning and developed new product concepts
Developed new outlet concept for eating-out industry
Surveyed impressions of overseas foods
Evaluated receptiveness of imported foods
Surveyed bartenders on brand values

Alcoholic beverages
Forecasts of future category share
Developed new product concepts
Surveyed brand image of major brands
Evaluated advertisement

House appliances and automobiles
Analyzed value structure of popular home appliances
Analyzed value structure of automobile brands
Identified obstacles in category image and switching cost

IT related
Reviewed direction of new product development of office computers
Developed sales strategies for application software
Identified areas of improvement in CS for IT consultant service and general improvements for services going forward
Acceptability evaluation of website customization concept
Identified areas of improvement in CS for website content, architecture and general improvements
Analyzed actual usage of computer software and evaluated new software concepts
Analyzed actual usage of web portals to evaluate brand concept and image of new web portal
Assessed unfulfilled needs of mobile phones to evaluate product concept and design of next generation mobile phones
Surveyed brand image and global branding of mobile phone carriers
Reviewed CRM improvements and brand identity of Internet ad agency

Examined brand personality and attributes contributing to the personality
Examined brand personality and created the brand value map
Measured price sensitivity of main brands
Evaluated apparel shop concept

Identified brand asset and core of brand value
Created brand image of petroleum company and assessed its receptivity of new business concept

Examined B2B market penetration strategy of skincare product

Examined the five senses that appeal to the good taste of a food
Conducted structural analysis of the concept of premium attributes
Conducted structural analysis of innovation concept
Evaluated impact of innovation on brand image

Developed zone concepts for shopping center
Developed application plans for vacant lot and its implementation
Developed new business plans for chain of beauty salons

Surveys related to pharmaceuticals
Scope of maladies: A wide range of illnesses from lifestyle disease to cancer and intractable diseases
Theme: Obstacles to brand switching, brand image brand value structure, concept assessment, brand name and logo assessment, examination of communication strategy
Targets: Medical doctors, nurses, patients, care managers, family members providing care

Employee climate surveys
Conducted survey regarding receptivity of corporate mission and business direction of newly merged mutual fund bank
Brand image of major mutual fund banks
Identification of issues regarding organizational strategy of an alcoholic beverages company
Identification of issues regarding the performance and examination of direction of organization strategy of an insurance company
Identification of issues regarding organizational strategy of a real estate company