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WISDOM for developing Vertically Integrated Brand Concept

We use «neuroscience X consumer insight» in order to polish and refine your product idea gemstone into Vertically Integrated Brand Concept that keeps winning the hearts and minds of the consumers

In order to develop the concept that wins the hearts of consumers, we have been researching for 15 years to logically link the subconsciousness and the intuition of consumers.

【Product Value Map】

In consumer insight research, a method called “laddering” is frequently used to extract functional benefits and emotional benefits associated with product attributes. The aim of "laddering" is to create a pyramid-shaped product value map in order to understand the value structure. Using the product value map, the consumers' subconscious "brain concepts" and "perceived values" are inferred.
The whole picture of the "brain concept" is perceived as the abstract mental image called "personality".

When it comes to brand with package design and package copy, the abstract & concrete image of the design and copy affects the consumers' perception of product attributes and functional & emotional benefits. In particular, the impression received from the whole package has a great influence on the "personality". Other factors that influence consumers' perception include logos, slogans, user images, advertisements, distribution locations, the company's organizational culture, and country of origin.

In the case of BTOB, the personality of the salesperson frequently contacted also affects customer perception.

Because "laddering" uses only consciousness and pre-consciousness that can be expressed in words, it does not cover the entire structure of the "brain concept" though; you can at least understand the following things.
    Which product characteristics produce what concrete concepts?
    Which concrete concepts produce what abstract concepts?
    Which product characteristics produce what types of consumer benefits (functional & emotional)?
    Which consumer benefits (functional & emotional) meet what kinds of needs?

It will take a lot of effort, time and cost to understand and correct the consumers' "brain concept" after the market introduction of brands.
Vertically Integrated Brand Concept develops and creates the product value map using the past laddering research experiences (with no consumer surveys). We examines the "brain concept" that can keep winning the heart of the consumers and proposes what factors the product need to add or emphasize.

【Archetype Axes】

Carol Pearson PhD. had studied the archetypes invented by Carl Jung over 30 years and developed twelve archetypes that can classify the ways people perceive things and events. Those twelve archetypes are MECE (without duplication or omission) and universal across borders and generations.

Since 2006, we have used archetypes instead of personification (a research method to compare products and brands to people) and adjectives in our consumer insight surveys.
We are currently using 19 archetypes, as some archetypes combining two of the twelve archetypes were appeared frequently during our insight surveys.

The advantages of Archetype are not only MECE and universal but also that it can evoke common human feelings. Since the brain perceive things not only through five senses but also through interoceptive sense (internal bodily feeling), we need to understand what type of feelings or emotions brands can provide for consumers.

It was fully verified in our past consumer insight surveys that Archetypes always include the product value map mentioned above. It is the worldview that brands provide for consumers, representing the image of the whole brain map that cannot be covered by the product value map. In marketing, we call this worldview as brand personality.
The brand personality is influenced by the various images created by package design, copy, logos, slogans and advertisements.
For enhancing brand authenticity, the consistent brand personality in every contact points with consumers is necessary.
Vertically Integrated Brand Concept examines the suitable brand personality that can cover the product value map and can deliver the product value to consumers at a glance, using Archetypes as an image axes.
In addition, we examine the archetypes of competing brands and consider how to make a differentiation from competitors.

Individuals have different brain concepts. Our intention is not 100% accurately transmitted to the other party. Even if words are not transmitted correctly, it is more difficult to explain how the image is like to the other party. In order to explain an image properly, we recommend using a fixed axes. Archetypes are useful for communicating brand personality not only to consumers but also to internal and external staff involved in brand development.

We conduct seminars on our wisdom

The Wisdom Seminar can be customized to your task or budget. After explaining the concept, we can conduct workshops with the case studies using your products and brands to deepen the understandings.
The presentation of one wisdom takes a one and half hour, the workshop typed seminar including case studies takes 3 hours per wisdom.